Control Your Temperature With Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation stops condensation and energy loss. A type of spray foam called class O spray foam is a flexible, closed cell, elastomeric at the same time it is nitrite rubber insulation.

Prevent controlled temperature energy exchange between the pipeline and the environment is particularly important in the case of high heat conductive, such as pipes or solar heating installation. The very large temperature difference, which often occurs between the heat pipe and its surroundings causes the acoustic insulation can be very annoying.

Closed_Cell_Spray_Foam_Insulation_In_WallThe corresponding delay must not only possess adequate tolerance to low temperature coefficient of thermal conductivity, but also high. spray foam insulation responds perfectly to these conditions, while maintaining the simplicity of installation.

Being that HT spray foam S is flexible and resistant to high temperature, this insulation is designed for outdoor use and high temperature. Its wide range of temperature tolerance of -50 to 150 degrees Celsius can be used even at a very hot temperature, such as installing solar power or steam. In this way we guarantee that no damage to the insulation and maintain a very good performance, even with large temperature fluctuations.

At the same time this foam insulation retains excellent insulation properties required for such systems – the thermal conductivity of the insulation is to HT / spray foam S only 0.038 W / m * K (at 0 degrees Celsius), which was confirmed by testing accordance with ISO 8497th This lets you keep the heat in place, minimizing energy losses that can occur during transport of hot water or heating medium.

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