The Basics On Installing Gutters

Installing gutters is an essential step to protecting your home from the damaging effects that water, ice, and snow can produce. They are not simply a nice looking accessory. When they are installed properly they will catch all the water that runs off of your roof and channel it away from your home and its foundation. If you have been wondering how to install gutters on your home, this article will provide you with some basic instructions. However, if you have had little experience in this area it is a job that is probably best left to the professionals.

The first step to installing gutters is to take a careful look at your home and determine how it would be best to drain the water. The water must be drained to a location where it will be channeled away from your home and its foundation. Next, measure along your roof and determine how many sections of gutter you will need; they typically come in sections that are 10 feet long. You can use these measurements to create a layout plan that will include how many of each component you will need. These include elbows, corners, drop outlets, and end pieces.

Close Up Of Man Replacing Guttering On Exterior Of HouseWhen installing rain gutters, you should typically begin at the end of your roof, away from where you have planned to install your downspout. From here, measure down a half inch from the edge and mark it off. Now move to the location where you will be putting the downspout and mark it off at a half inch under the roof’s edge. It is important that you make sure these two marks are equal to each other by using a string level. You will also have to calculate the slope necessary so that the water will flow into the gutters and then into the downspout.

The next step to installing gutters is to make a chalk line from the lower mark at the downspout end to the mark you made at the opposite end of the roof. This will give you a reference mark to follow. After these preliminary steps have been taken, you can begin to install the different components of your gutter system. It is recommended that you use a power drill outfitted with a screwdriver bit in order to help the job go faster and easier.

Once you have finished installing gutters, it is recommended that you run a bead of caulk between the different sections so they will not be likely to leak. Mounting brackets should also be used in order to attach the downspout to the side of your home. Because you will be up high on a ladder during installation, always be sure that you are careful.

Hopefully you now understand how to install rain gutters and will be successful when you attempt to do so.