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It might be impossible to pick just a few of the most famous theater productions of all time. The influence of theater has been felt around the world since the first recorded plays in ancient Greece, spanning the history of the art form. Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” is perhaps the best-known play title in the Western world, and everyone who knows anything about modern musical theater would recognize titles like “Cats,” “Lion King,” and “A Chorus Line.” There are many more plays, however, that the general public may not realize are true mileposts in the evolution of the art form. “Oedipus Rex” by Sophocles, written over 2,400 years ago, is arguably the most famous theatre production of all time. That show saw the first actor in history, Thespis, step forward out of a chorus and speak lines by himself. The art of acting was born, and in his honor all actors today are called thespians. Rather infamous is the fateful production of “Our American Cousin” on stage at Ford’s Theater in 1865. President Lincoln was assassinated during the show. Of modern musical theatre, many unforgettable plays spring to mind; “The Fantasticks,” for instance, is a show famous for its longevity and timeless charm. It ran off Broadway non-stop for 42 years, and reopened recently after a short hiatus. “The Phantom of the Opera” is famous for being the longest running theater production in the history of Broadway itself. “Phantom” has been performed at the Majestic Theatre continuously since January, tv savings, 1988 with no end in sight to its marathon run. One of the most renown theatre production ever is the musical “Spider-Man,” said to be the most expensive theatre production in history, at more than $65 million US. “The Producers” has the distinction of winning the most Tony Awards, with a total of 12. Each of these plays has placed a unique and unforgettable stamp on the face of live theater, and each deserves to be known as one of the most famous theater productions of all time.


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Hitting The High Notes: The Best of Opera Production

The World of Opera
It is almost time for the most celebrated and annually anticipated Operatic festivals in the world. The Fondazione Arena di Verona takes place every year in the gorgeous province of Verona in Italy. Thousands of patrons attend this unique music festival, which hosts some of the most accomplished and popular stars in Opera today. In addition, the Fondazione Arena di Verona is Read the rest of this entry »

Theater Performances in Las Vegas

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In addition to musical performances, magic acts and casino attractions, Las Vegas has a wide variety of theatrical productions on tap for entertainment seekers in Sin City. Nearly forty individual shows are available at various times throughout the day, so whether visitors seek a drama, a comedy or a musical, there is sure to be something to please everyone at any time, just like TV service from a trusted provider. Visit http://www.cabletvadvisor.com to get advice on the best provider in your area.

From Broadway favorites, such as Absinthe and Jersey Boys, to racy adult shows, like Peepshow and X Burlesque, the performances in Las Vegas feature actors and musicians that are among some of the best in the entertainment business. Whether these entertainers are acting in conjunction for a scripted act like Rock of Ages or performing individual acts, as they do in V – The Ultimate Variety Show or America’s Got Talent Live, visitors to Las Vegas shows can expect to be thoroughly captivated by the stage performances.

Because Cirque du Soleil is such a wildly popular performance series, 2013 Vegas visitors may select from seven individual productions during their stay. Some of these shows include choreographed acrobatic acts to popular musical works, such as Beatles’ Love and Michael Jackson’s One. Other Cirque du Soleil shows operate in an entirely new fantasies on stage, taking viewers magical journeys through their imaginations.

Ticket prices for Las Vegas theater productions range from a modest 35 to a more substantial 180, so everyone from high rollers to visitors on a budget can comfortably enjoy the theatrical scene within their financial means without breaking the bank.


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For many people, a show is all about the music. Broadway has a long history of shows that offer their audiences a musical extravaganza, and while just about everyone agrees that Broadway is best appreciated live, which ones must be seen if you end up lucky enough to be in the city when the tour rolls into town?

First, if you can catch a showing of the Lion King, as produced by Julie Taymor, you must go! The Lion King is an amazing tour de force of both puppetry, acting and singing, and the bright colors and lively stage Read the rest of this entry »


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Planning a night out to a live performance has gotten extremely easy since most theaters now sell tickets online. Whether it’s through a ticket agency or directly through the performance’s location, the only real difficulties in heading to a show are choosing what type of performance one might want to see and, for many out there, finding someone willing to watch the kids for a few hours.

For those lucky enough to live in a large city, the options for live operas, dramas, comedies and concerts are practically endless. This is especially true when Read the rest of this entry »


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If you love the experience of live performance, great music, and a great show all in one, then the opera is the ultimate entertainment experience a person is going to love attending. So, when you are considering tickets to an opera production, you want to find tickets to the best shows, with the best singers, and the best production staff. This will ensure you get the best experience, and will hear the opera the way it was meant to be heard. So, when you are looking for a playbill, or Read the rest of this entry »


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New York City’s Broadway has been the pinnacle of theatrical excellence since the 1880′s. Many of us have enjoyed popular musicals like Cats, The Phantom of the Opera, Evita and Les Miserables. But traditionally, opera has been an important part of the theatrical heart of Broadway. Madame Butterfly, Aida, Turandot, Tosca, Carmen, La Traviata, La Boheme, Rigoletto are a few of the classic operas that have graced Broadway’s stages.

Broadway welcomes new productions each season. Many unique shows fill the theaters of Broadway today. One of those is War Horse, which takes place Read the rest of this entry »


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When immersing yourself in the world of opera, there are a number of wonderful opera companies in the United States. New York and Chicago top that list. Two of the most elite opera companies are the Metropolitan Opera in New York City and the Chicago Lyric Opera. However, for the absolute richest and most historically rooted opera performances, one must go to Europe.

Opera is a dramatic art form that mixes theater, dance and, of course, singing. It had its origin in the Baroque period (late sixteenth to early seventeenth century) and was centralized Read the rest of this entry »


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For those who love the theater, and love watching a live performance, knowing which shows to catch live, and which shows are really worth watching in the theater, is something to consider before spending the money, and going to a show which is not the best possible performance to watch live. So, when considering show to watch live, the best way to know which shows to go to, is to get playbills, and to look for reviews Read the rest of this entry »